Will Dinski And His “Ablatio Penis”

Stubble: What’s the synopsis of this comic, Ablatio Penis ($5), and why should we buy it?
Will: It’s a story about a man who runs for governor. If you’re someone who likes art or visual storytelling, then I think you could be the kind of person who would be interested in checking this book out.

Stubble: Is your character running for governor, Andre St. Louis, based on anyone in particular?
Will: He’s supposed to look a little like the actor Rob Lowe. He doesn’t really, but that was the initial inspiration. Someone at the Twin Cities Book Festival thought that it was Mitt Romney, which is funny because I drew the character way before I knew who Romney was.

Stubble: How do get ideas for your comics, and this story especially?
Will: Many of the stories I write start from a single conceit. In my book Fingerprints, I wanted to write a story about how all good things fade. So I tried to think of a character that would believe the opposite of that, such as a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon would believe that your good looks could last forever.
For Ablatio Penis, I wanted to do a story about how the things that you hide are the things that define you. And that just sounded like a story about a politician.

Stubble: Do you think your training at MCAD helped you develop as an artist?
Will: Sure. I got a pretty solid design education at MCAD. I also took a bookmaking class that was a big influence on me.

Stubble: Why do you choose comics as a medium for story telling?
Will: Comics feels like a wide open frontier. Its past has little resemblance to what many see for its future. More and more interesting and mature work is being produced every day.

Stubble: What are your personal beliefs about the U.S. political system?
Will: It’s all chaotic and full of geniuses, backstabbers, comedians, professional wrestlers, lawyers and liars. It’s American.

Stubble: Are you satisfied with the amount and quality of sleep you get on a regular basis?
Will: Sure. I’ll usually get 8 hours a night. Sometimes more. I used to have more trouble sleeping, but then I stopped smoking cigarettes. Also, I cut back on my internet usage. That helped a lot.

More information: Will Dinski,  2D Cloud

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