Betsy Hodges Talks Smack on Portland in Her First Proclamation

[Transcription of Mayor Hodges’ proclamation:]

WHEREAS, Minneapolis is consistently recognized as one of the best bicycling cities in the country, including as the top-ranked city by Bike Score and the number two city by Bicycling Magazine, which praised the winter bicycling culture in Minneapolis; and

WHEREAS, Minneapolis has the second highest-rate of people biking to work among large cities — a measure that includes winter commuting; and

WHEREAS, Minneapolis has 16 nationally-recognized bicycle friendly businesses that employ more than 29,000 people, among the largest number in the country; and

WHEREAS, the City of Minneapolis has formally adopted goals to increase bicycle mode share from 4.5 percent in 2012 to 7 percent in 2015 and 15 percent in 2025; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota- and Minneapolis-based businesses continue to create innovative ways to stay safe and comfortable bicycling in the winter; and

WHEREAS, off-street trails in Minneapolis are maintained through the winter to allow people to continue riding; and

WHEREAS, Minneapolis Public Schools has a growing Safe Routes to School program that helps support year-round physical activity for school children; and

WHEREAS, the adopted goal of the City of Minneapolis to build more than thirty miles of protected bikeways by 2020 will lead to even greater improvements for winter bicycling, and further increases in bicycle mode share; and

WHEREAS, an estimated 4,000 Minneapolitans bike on an average winter day, about 20 percent of Minneapolis bicyclists ride throughout all winter weather and 36 percent ride on fair winter days, according to Transit for Livable Communities surveys; and

WHEREAS, Minneapolis’ Winter Bicyclists, like Minnesotans in general, are more resilient, more hearty, more “Die Hard” gritty, just plain tougher and much better looking the bicyclists from all those wimpier cities,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BETSY HODGES, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do hereby proclaim January 3, 2014 as:


Betsy Hodges is the Mayor of the City of Minneapolis. Winter Biking Day is her first official proclamation.

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