Joyce, The Watcher of Cars in Dinkytown


Stubble: What is your job, exactly?
Joyce: My job is to watch everybody when they get out of their cars because all of the signs say you have to stay on the premises. This parking lot, the upkeep on it including the painting of the yellow lines is paid for by these three places [TCF Bank, Subway, Pizza Hut]. If they start to walk off, I get to tell them they had better move their car or it will get towed and that’s $220.

Stubble: How many cars do you see towed a day around here?
Joyce: Well, i don’t usually call the tow trucks. Most people are very nice and polite and will move their cars. If they say, “well I’m just going across the street for a cup of coffee” I can say, “well Subway has coffee, so if you want coffee you can go there or move your car.” We get a lot of people parking here and then going over to the Target or trying to walk up the block to Jimmy Johns and some of the other places up the way.

Stubble: How did you get this job?
Joyce: I’ve been working at Subway for 25 years and they’re the main sponsor of this lot having a bigger part of this building. My hours are just two hours a day through the lunch rush, 11:30-1:30.

Stubble: Do you like the job?
Joyce: Yeah, every once in a while when they’re real busy I’ll sit inside. In the summertime when it’s nice out, I’ll bring my radio out and listen to the Twins games when they’ve got noon games. Customers like it because they can catch up on how the games are going too.

Stubble: Are there any regular customers you’ve gotten to know?
Joyce: Oh yes, one of them even bought be [my grabber]. Actually, this is the second one they bought me because someone broke my first one – it got knocked over and the grabber just stopped working.

Stubble: It must be interesting to work outside in Dinkytown and see all of the college kids running around.
Joyce: It is, and the kids are all pretty nice, mostly nice. Every once in a while you’ll get one that will sore at ya, but I didn’t raise ten kids for nothing. My granddaughter is going to college here, so she’s around sometimes.

Stubble: Would you let her park her car here and go over to get some coffee?
Joyce: Nope. Not unless she’s going into Subway.

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  1. Mary T Johnson says:

    Great human interest story. Thanks so much.

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