“It’s always great to get together with good people and play cards.”


Stubble: Walk me through the tournament, what brought you to this place.
Uncle Ron: Well, of course we’ve been invited in years before and they invited back again this time.
Peter: You play the game one hand at a time, and God willing you get the cards that you want, and you have to rely on your partner and… whatever string of cliches you can come up with.

Stubble: And how was the dynamic of you two, the dynamic duo speaking of cliches
Peter: We had good momentum, we were partners in the last game and we just destroyed it.
Uncle Ron: Yeah, we had three loners in that game.

Stubble: Oh yeah, I played against you guys that round…
Peter: If it wasn’t for us getting 10 points that round, I wouldn’t have made it into the final. You would have made it in the final for sure, Ron, because you had the most points, but I squeaked past that 50 point threshold and got two loners. It was a lucrative day.

Stubble: So how much money did you win exactly at this tournament?
Uncle Ron: Well we got $40.25 and then I got like about $3 for having two loners so I got one of the table pots.
Peter: Yeah, I got one of those pots too for my loners all thanks to that last game — really, all thanks to you, Tom, my opponent in that last game.

Stubble: I suppose that’s right. I guess I just make the story and then I write about it.
Uncle Ron: That final round was a close one all the way through.
Peter: It was, it was probably the best game I played in.
Uncle Ron: It started out with us getting seven and then the opponents got seven and then we got one point and then they got two points. Back and forth.
Peter: I think at most we were ahead by three at one point because they got those two hands where you kind of think they shouldn’t have won either of those hands but they did, they squeaked that out and even they were saying “wow, I can’t believe that happened.”

Stubble: You know, that was another story of the day – really improbable things happening. Good players mysteriously getting bad cards and vice versa. Euchre as the lady that takes and gives.
Peter: I thought the best thing today was your comment on cutting the deck.
Uncle Ron: Oh, that “a cut dog bears no pups.”
Peter: So when someone asks you to cut, I usually decline because I’ve always heard “cut, like cut your throat,” but personally I like Ron’s better

Stubble: Last question for you two champs, what’s the lesson learned today?
Uncle Ron: I’ve had good strategy and I’ve had good cards and I’ll take good cards any day.
Peter: I’d just say it’s always great to get together with good people and play cards. That’s my takeaway.

Peter Schilling [right] and Ron Personius [left] are the winners of Mt. Holly Euchremania 2016.


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