The Irish Perspective: St. Patrick’s Day


Stubble: How excited are you for St. Patricks Day?
Shane: I am not in the least bit exited about Patricks Day. It’s a sort of forced day of alcohol consumption and a terrible parade.

Stubble: How do you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?
Shane: I may have a drink or two alone at home. But not because it’s Paddy’s Day. Just because it’s Thursday.

Stubble: Do you have any favorite St. Patricks Day memories?
Shane: No. Wait actually one. I remember being about 15 and buying about 24 cans of beer and trying to bring them up through the town without being seen. That’s a funny memory. I also remember later that day, throwing up in a house at about 5pm.

Stubble: Have you ever seen a leprechaun?
Shane: No, but there is a leprechaun crossing near where I live where they bring buses of American tourists who proceed to take pictures of an empty road.

Stubble: Is there anything people in America should know about celebrating Irish traditions besides wearing green and drinking a lot of beer?
Shane: No that’s it. Except maybe don’t call it St Patty’s Day. It’s Paddy’s Day. Irish people get annoyed by that.

Shane Clifford lives in Tralee, Ireland.

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  1. Are you a Rubber Bandit now?

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