ASK BLISH: movie woes w/ partner, making perfect scrambled eggs


HEY BLISH: I’m having trouble deciding on movies with my girlfriend. It’s getting to the point where we’re warring where we were warmed by each other’s selections. We watched the Harry Potter series all at once and it seemed like we both liked it. But as time has gone on, we are having more and more trouble picking stuff. If I’m going to devote the time to watching a movie, I want to watch something worthwhile, like an award-winning documentary or classic arthouse film. I only watch movies in the criterion collection. My girlfriend gets bored if the movie is in another language or takes a long time to develop or is purposely designed to annoy the audience. She prefers funny movies or rom coms. I try to let her pick, but quickly lose interest as I can tell when I’m being pandered to by these money-making movies. Every once in a while a movie she likes makes it to the criterion collection and I can watch it, but it’s getting to the point where as soon as I mention criterion collection, she shuts me down. I’m running out of ideas, but I just can’t stomach Running Man!

-Sincerely Horror at Movie Night

DEAR HaMN: I gett yore problim. Move spose d to be funny but its a tough to be in the middles of the two different stysles. Its just gotta be the same movie evrie nitg baby!!!! tOO bAD for YOU!!!! I Reccommnd star wars to darth varder or indy. Tuff luck Stuoopid


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HEY BLISH: What’s your scrambled egg technique? I can’t seem to get that light fluffy, but not-too-dry texture I get at restaurants at home. I’ve tried a blender, adding milk and butter and various pans, but still no luck. Any thoughts?

– Egg-celently Stumped

DEAR EGG: Egg easy just white and yello. You botcher mustard for yeller and the mayo is white. not manny pepol no this. hears my tric just take the yellow and the wite an d mix em up in the blendr. put it on high heat and add to stove. w=c cook for 10 minuts and serve w side of bbb1 sass. no problems!


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