Seward Coop’s Biscuits and Gravy Reviewed by a Real Southern Guy

I’m from Greenville, South Carolina and I’ve lived my entire life below the Mason-Dixon – except for the last six months – so I’d say that solidly places me as a “southerner.” I started eating biscuits and gravy at a very young age, probably at 6 months or something, and I started making my own biscuits and gravy in college because, you know, making breakfast is a good way to make people come over.

I look for a real thick gravy with my biscuits. Runny gravy is just cheap, you know, stretching the ingredients. I prefer gravies with lighter coloring too. Sometimes you’ll get a gravy that’s a real dark brown, but lighter is what you want. And the way you get the light gravy is you don’t necessarily cook the gravy in the drippings you get from the sausage. To make a nice roux you need fat and flour, and a lot of people will just use the fat from the sausage but for biscuits and gravy I like using butter for the fat. For other gravies, like for shrimp and grits gravy, it’s really good to use the sausage because you want a dark brown gravy.

Looking at this gravy, it’s pretty light. It looks like there’s probably some red peppers and green peppers in here. The sausage tastes like maybe it’s turkey sausage actually. You know, it’s got a real dry texture like a turkey sausage would. The thickness of the gravy is good, the consistency is good. I’d probably rate this gravy a 7.5/10. Except for using the turkey sausage, yeah, if I were to make biscuits and gravy this is what I’d make.

As far as these biscuits go, these definitely aren’t your Pillsbury frozen biscuits, I don’t think. I mean, they may have made the dough themselves and then froze the dough to keep it and then throw it in the oven later, but … [takes bite of biscuit] … they used buttermilk which is always good. These are really good biscuits actually. What I look for in a biscuit is a nice crust on the outside. When you bite it, it’s crunchy but the inside is soft. It’s easier too to break up into clumps and dump it into the gravy. Some people pour the gravy right on top, but that doesn’t give you a good biscuit to gravy ratio – the amount of gravy is too low compared to the amount of biscuit that you use. This biscuit is definitely an 8/10 level.

Overall, I’m very pleased – I’d give it an 8/10. I’d recommend them if you don’t have time to make your own biscuits and gravy – or if you’re not near a Carl’s Jr. because they actually have very good biscuits and gravy, or maybe they call them Hardee’s up here. Chick-fil-A also has very good biscuits and gravy too, but you have to look real hard on the menu because it’s in very fine print that’s not even an item. But you can’t go on Sunday so that sucks.

Dr. Gilstrap teaches finance at the University of Toledo.

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  1. MTJ says:

    Dr. G’s biscuits and gravy are a-mazing.

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