Community Healing Efforts Update: Smashing Cheeto Trump Effigies at the CC

Stubble: Tell me why you’re handing out bags of Cheetos to smash here at the CC Club.
Renee: Well because I’m very upset about Trump — he’s the Cheeto-head, the Lord Cheeto — this is just a way of taking out some of our aggression.

Stubble: Where’d you get the Cheetos from?
Renee: Costco.

Stubble: Did you buy the Cheetos thinking you’d do this or was it a happy accident?
Renee: Yeah, that was the whole point of why I went to Costco – to buy Cheetos!

Stubble: Describe why you don’t like Trump, if that’s not too obvious of a question.
Renee: He doesn’t stand for humanity at all. He’s in it for his own self only and doesn’t care about anybody else who is out there.

Stubble: Have you done this before?
Renee: You know what, I have a bunch of great friends and we get together and blow off some steam. We talked about it for a long time and then we were finally like, ‘Ok, we’re going out and doing this. Let’s get some Cheetos.’

Stubble: But even though you’re smashing the Cheetos as a symbol of Trump, you still like Cheetos?
Renee: Oh yeah.

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