Jolly Man Clearing Snow with a Drill in Brooklyn

In Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC after Winter Storm Stella. The streets are full of slush and the sidewalks have between four and six inches of hardened snow topping them. Reporter Carrie Noble finds a man sitting on a crate drilling holes in the snow.


Stubble: [over drilling sounds] Hi there! Do you mind if I take your picture and ask you a few questions for an online magazine?
Man: [turns off drill and smiles so nicely] What?

Stubble: Can I ask you some questions and record them for an online magazine? It’s called Stubble!
Man: [starts to laugh] What?

Stubble: Well I’m from Minnesota and we get a lot more snow than this sometimes and I’ve never seen anyone use a drill to break up the snow before. I think it’s really cool!
Man: [can’t stop laughing and motions for me to take a picture]

Stubble: Thanks! Where did you get that thing? What is it for?
Man: [still laughing – pokes the drill at the side of the building] It’s for the walls. [pokes at the snow] There’s too much ice. It’s too hard.

At this point, the man waves over a 20-something to translate for him and keeps drilling

Stubble: Thanks! Does he work here or for the building? What’s his job?
20-Something: [exasperated and walking away] He’s doing his job. He’s moving the snow. That’s his job.

Stubble: Uh. Ok! Thanks, everyone! Bye!
Man: [still laughing – waves goodbye]

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