Art Guy and His Walking Photography Storefront

Stubble: How did you come to have have so many framed pictures hanging from you?
Art Guy: Ohhh, ‘cause I figure someone might buy one or two off of me every now and then. I’ve been doing it for a few years. I don’t get too many customers though. People love them, but they never have money funny enough.

Stubble: Tell me about some of the photos you’ve got for sale.
Art Guy: Well, that’s a “wrist twister” and what it is, is little colored LED Christmas lights, you know, and I’m aiming my phone at the lights and doing auto-focus and when I lift the auto-focus and I twist I get that. This one was a still I think, I was taking it through a glass sphere or something.

Stubble: So you took these on your phone? They look good.
Art Guy: I took them on my phone, but I don’t have the phone anymore.

Stubble: I’m sorry about that, what happened to it?
Art Guy: It got lost on a gig. I also play bass, so the phone got lost on a gig. I have an actual camera that I use now, but I’m still hoping I get my phone back.

Stubble: Where did you get the idea to walk around selling your photos like this?
Art Guy: Well, that way I don’t have to rent a storefront.

Stubble: There you go. Where is your storefront usually found?
Art Guy: You never know where I’m going to get a nibble. I’ve had a nibble or two here [on the West Bank] and downtown, a couple in Uptown one year.

Stubble: What do you try to capture in your photos?
Art Guy: Motion, interesting colors and color schemes, also a sense of mystery and “wow what is that?”

Stubble: I think you’re walking storefront definitely gives you that “wow” factor.
Art Guy: Haha, yep.

Stubble: What did you say your name was, again?
Art Guy: “Art Guy”

Art Guy is a photographer who is himself a photo storefront wandering somewhere in Minneapolis

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