Grayson the Hardware Store Cat Celebrates His First Birthday

Stubble: What’s Grayson’s story, where’d you get him?
Nicollet Ace Hardware: We got Grayson one year ago. He came from a litter of kittens that one of our employees parents had. He was the only gray cat in a litter of all black kitties.

Stubble: What is Grayson’s job around the shop?
Nicollet Ace Hardware: Grayson’s duties include taking pictures with excited customers. Testing the bags of cat food (and in turn discount) that we stock on our shelves, and hopefully one day he’ll hone his hunting skills to eradicate the mice community.

Stubble: How many shop cats does Nicollet Ace currently have?
Nicollet Ace Hardware: Currently we have two cats at the store. Debbie is our other cat who runs the show. You can find he at the end of aisle 10 about 90% of the time. She has been with us for roughly 16 years. No other cats besides Debbie and Grayson. Denny was our old cat but he decided to hit the road one day.

Stubble: What will Grayson be doing for his birthday?
Nicollet Ace Hardware: We will have a special cat cake made for Grayson. There will be treats available for customers who want to help Grayson celebrate his first birthday. His new favorite trick is opening the automatic doors leading outside and performing disappearing acts. Hopefully he decides to show up for his party.

Grayson, a shop cat at Nicollet Ace Hardware, will be celebrating his first birthday on Saturday from 1-3pm.

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    Kindly tell me breed of grayson cat… i am looking for small cat like grayson

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